Patrick Sadler


Patrick Sadler hails from a long and influential line of powerful people, dating all the way back to the Civil War. Patrick Ritcherson Sadler who Patrick Sadler was named after was a Confederate officer who rose to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and served in the first congress after the civil war. From an early age Patrick was set to carry on the family legacy in business and politics. Patrick Sadler His grandfather Graham Sadler is a congressman for the GOP, and his father Stephen is on the board of directors of a major technology company.

Not much is known of Patrick’s school years, but he likes to tell people that he quit MIT to run his startup, but the truth is that he graduated Francis College of Engineering at University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Patrick was contacted by a venture capitalist saying that she was putting together a team to work on an extraordinary project. He joined the project primarily because he found the illustrious Marlene Rebecca Specht to be not only extremely attractive but also very smart. Patrick was very pleased with his research progress, despite never fully being told what he was working on. It was obvious that he was only a small but important piece of the puzzle.

It all changed one night. Patric was working late to finish the final coding before the product launch, The office was attacked by some sort of hideous creature. He doesn’t remember much of the attack. Only that he saw several of his co-workers killed. Somehow the horrific creature was defeated but Patrick was mortally wounded. Specht dragged him into the elevator and took him to a secret lab deep within the building. There, she gave him an injection of a dark red liquid.

Thus he learned there were actual “monsters” in the world, and that it was their research they were after. Specht sent Patrick away, telling him to lie low until she could uncover who the monster was working for and stop them. She also told him that the monster had infected him and that he must take regular injections of the “secret formula” in order to survive….

Half of his friends thinks he is somewhere in the Bahamas living large on his retirement fund after selling his shares of the startup. The other half think’s he’s in some secret lab somewhere working on the next big thing in tech and they want to get in on the action.

Specht sends him regular shipments of the secret formula, plus spending money for whatever he needs. Legally some of the money is his anyway.

After a couple of weeks “recovering” in Ibiza Patrick started getting bored of all the drinking and loose Scandinavian girls. He started thinking more and more about how he could protect himself and stop the monsters. The sun didn’t seem to suit him any more.

Half drunk, one night he could not sleep. He stayed up doing some frantic googling and booked a ticket back to the US. It didn’t take him long to find a suitable location with more than 200.000 private and military bunkers built during the cold war it wasn’t difficult to find something that was more than adequate for the purpose he had in mind.

The next six months was spent building his new base of operations. He built a dojo, worked with personal instructors to master various forms of martial arts, firearms, driving, combat training, meditation, tactics and anger management. He also started searching the net for potential “targets”.

He had decided that he would go out and hunt the hunters…


Patrick Sadler

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