Pete Kovacs

Investigative reporter


Pete Kovacs was dead. Killed by a gang of brutal vampires. However, EMTs managed to resuscitate him, bringing him back to life. His fiancée was not so lucky.

His brief stint with Death has given him the ability to see and interact with dead people, which is not always convenient.

Losing his job at a top newspaper from writing about the existence of vampires, Kovacs now works for AmericArcana, one of the leading newspapers covering the strange and unexplained – mostly a load of horseshit, but Kovacs uses the job to finance and facilitate his crusade to find and destroy the vampires who killed him and his fiancée. On the way there, he investigates and attempts to stop any other supernatural threats on his way.

Kovacs is meticulous, organized and well-informed. He is also a master forger and impersonator, traits that come in very handy on the job. His fighting skills leave something to be desired, which is why he frequently use associates on his jobs.

Pete Kovacs

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