Christopher Reddington


Aka Charlie Crewes
Aka Christopher Crewes


Christopher Reddington is New York born and bred, of irish descent.

After leaving high school he did three years of college with the intetion of joing the NYPD, which he did. During college he met his future wife Mary.

After graduating the acedemy and finishing his probabtionary duty he spent two years as a patrol officer on the streets of New York, before transferring to the Narcotics Divison. It was during this time that he married Mary. He spent 22 months in the Narcotics Divison before being promoted to Detective Investigator grade 3 and moved to the Detective Bureau. Both at the narcotics divison and at the Bureau he showed an aptitude for the job.

Three years later he made grade 2. Soon after this his marriage began to suffer from the long hours and Christophers continued absence. Little over a year later he began to have an affair with a young woman, Christine, he met during an investigation. This would eventually end badly.

Some months later he was called out to a grusome murder of an unidentified woman and arriving at the scene he realised that it was Christine. He kept his mouth shut and cleaned out all evidence of himself from her appartment before she was indentified. She had been ritualisticly murdered and he spent all his time solving the case. He finally did, proving that a up and coming black metal band had sacrificed her to some occult devil (she had been a groupie of the band). But he was convinced that the band either was or wanted to be part of some cult. This he could not prove. But the desire to punish all those involved, in addition to become strangely drawn to the bizarre occult texts confiscated during the investigation. He could not help but trying to desphire their meaning and it suprised him the the effect he felt they had on him when reading them, a looming sense of dread. Stupid of course, since it was clearly nonsense, but still he could not shake the feeling.

Indeed he began to wonder about some other cases he had seen during his career, and he began scouring the records for any similar cases, or for that matter any other strange and unexplained cases. He found plenty.

Continuing his investigation of the record he managed to turn up a lead and was soon convinced he was on the track of a dangerous cult involving prominent people. Soon i talso became clear they knew about him. During this time he made use of a contact he had made during the investigation of the murder of Christine, a bookstore owner and expert in the occult.

He began to feel threatened and followed, and came home one day to find his wife’s dog murdered in a ritualistic way. He had learned of not one, but two cults inolved in a power struggle. The two group worshipped different ancient malevolent demigods or gods engaged in a war down through the milleniums. He had names, places, videotapes of unexplainable evens.

The entire investigation culminated on top of the Empire State building. Believing he was following a clue given to him by his bookstore contact, he realised to late he had been betrayed and sent into a trap. It was not a meeting between the two groups, but a trap for him. Worse they had people inside the department, for one of his detective colleague of him there. The shootout left one cultist dead, the other officer dead and the bookstore owner in a coma (he had used him as a shield). He managed to blame the death of the police officer on the attackers, but there was evidence of him using a civilian as a hman shield and a shit load of unanswered questions.

At the inquest an attorny approached him with a deal: Hand over all evidence, leave New York and they would not only make sure he was not charged, they would also not go after him and even pay him 10 000 dollars. Seeing the writing on he wall for his career, knowing not only he would be in danger if he stayed, but also his wife, he agreed. He took the money and flew to Brazil, bu not before raiding the bookstore owners shop for all relevant books on the occult.

After a couple of weeks of boozing and stuying the occult in Rio, he was approached by a strange american who claimed to be working for the government. He had a job. After an investigation that led the two men to a mountain in the jungle , strange ruins and monstrous, insect like creatures, he could no longer deny the existence of the supernatural. All he had read in the books, the horrors, the fears, the monsters, the demons, all real.

He headed back to the US and renewed his investigation, but staying clear of New York. His investigation lead him to LA and a strange professor of Egyptian history. He became convinced the professor was involved in the cul somehow and one night confronted him. Christopher does not rememer what happened, nor does he recall much of what lead him to LA in the first place.

What he does remember was coming to his senses three weeks later in a mental hospital. Here he found himself at the mercy of a sadistic doctor, whom it turned out was in fact a vampire. Reddington managed to griveously wound the vampire and escape. He vowed to fight the forces of darkness from that time on. He became a hunter.

Christopher Reddington

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